Commercial Floor Drainage Systems

We can assist with commercial and kitchen floor drainage installations of all kinds.

commercial-floor-drainage-systems Floor drainage is usually installed in kitchens, workshops, hospitals and clinics, and other areas that performance floor drainage is required. We source the best building drainage solution for your needs and then manage the installation and flooring requirements for you making the installation of your drainage systems hassle free.

Our expertise in commercial flooring systems helps us to ensure that you get the best solutions from the best manufacturers and installers at no extra cost.
We will ensure proper drainage of the floor by making sure that the drainage system installed has the capacity to to accommodate the expected, drainage and by ensuring that the floor is sloped at the correct gradient to allow for fluid runoff to successfully drain.

The floor drainage systems that we offer also takes into account the function of the drainage area.

Primary functions include interception: to intercept fluid runoff, Conveyance: to convey fluids and Barrier:  prevent fluids from getting to other areas.

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Major manufacturers that we partner with:

  • ROFO drains
  • ACO drainage